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The first 10 years of DirtySox
01 Mar

The first 10 years of DirtySox

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Two friends, one photo and DirtySox is born, that's our story in a nutshell. The photo comes from Lukas, who is completing a cyclocross road trip in the USA in autumn 2011, and shows a green sock with the inscription "WTF? At a time when cycling socks are still white or black, this is an unusual image. Nevertheless, it takes little convincing and I'm on board.

I admit it, we had no idea about socks back then. Nevertheless, the first 150 pairs are quickly ordered, green "CX is King" and pink "Do you like it dirty?" with these legendary models it all began. Unfortunately, our manufacturer at the time, Defeet, soon raised its prices and we had to look for alternatives. In the meantime, this change turned out to be a stroke of luck, because via detours we finally found a small family business in the Czech Republic. Since then, we have consistently relied on "Made in Europe", as this is the only way we can keep our promises in terms of quality, fair working conditions and sustainable production. Most of our products travel less than 2000 kilometres in their production chain. Compared to other manufacturers, where some Italian fabrics are sewn in Asia, this is an absolute top value. Of course, we are also aware that the functional yarns used do not have the best eco-balance. That's why, in addition to ÖKO-TEX, we also use Bluesign-certified yarns where possible and are working on being able to offer products made from recycled materials soon.

In the meantime, we have strengthened our team with Marco. He was also an elite cyclist in his youth and still rides thousands of kilometres on his bike every year. Above all, however, he shares with us a love of cool socks, accessories and cycling clothing. As you can see, we are still very small, but all the more passionate.

In the meantime, we benefit from the experience of hundreds of thousands of socks produced and work together with renowned producers in the Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal to be able to produce your new favourite pieces for you.

The first 10 years were just the beginning. We promise to continue working tirelessly on the further development of our products and wish you many more unforgettable moments with them.

Marco, Lukas and Till
Your DirtySox Team

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